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XIX International Scientific Conference “Metallurgy: technologies, innovation, quality - Metallurgy-2015 (Russia, Novokuznetsk, December 15-16, 2015)

Since 1997, Siberian state industrial university holds annual scientific conference "Metallurgy: technologies, innovation, quality", which provides a framework for high level professional discussions and dissemination of last results of scientific research in material science, materials processing, energy- and resource saving, environment protection, industrial waists recycling, etc. among researchers and within industrial community, through which major modern trends in the industry may be established and prospective forecasts determined.

Conference is aimed at exchange of experience, high level professional discussions and promotion of the best world practices in metallurgy.

18 conference proceedings were published as a result of the conferences, providing significant contribution to promotion of advanced practices and achievements of domestic metallurgy.

Interest to the Conference and the results of its work is growing annually among international scientists, managers, specialized research centers and enterprises.

Official languages of the Conference are Russian and English.


Administration of Kemerovo region

Siberian state industrial university


"RUSAL - Novokuznetsk" JSC



Publishing house of the Siberian branch of RAS

Russian academic scientific journal "Izvestiya VUZ. Chernaya Metallurgiya"

Scientific journal "Bulletin of SibSIU"

"Kuzbass technopark" OJSC

West Siberian branch of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences

Council of young scientists of Kuzbass

Program Committee

Chairman – L.A. Smirnov, RAS Academician (UIM, Ekaterinburg)

Program Committee Members:

1.   Protopopov E.V., Professor (SibSIU, Novokuznetsk).

2.   Panin V.E., Academician of Russian Academy of Sciences (ISPMS of Siberian branch of RAS, Tomsk).

3.   Kolokoltsev V.M., Professor (Magnitogorsk state technical university, Magnitogorsk).

4.   Karabasov Yu.S., Professor (NUST MIS&S, Moscow).

5.   Zuev L.B., Professor (ISPMS of Siberian branch of RAS, Tomsk).

6.   Glezer A.M., Professor (I.P. Bardin Central Research Institute for Ferrous Metallurgy, Moscow).

7.   Yuriev A.B., Doctor of Science, (EURAZ ZSMK, Novokuznetsk).

8.   Baigunchekov Zh.Zh., Academician of Kazakhstan National Academy of Sciences (Kazakh British technical university, Kazakhstan).

9.   Dzhumataev M.S., Academician of Kyrgyzstan National Academy of Sciences (NAS Institute of Machinery Science, Kyrgyz Republic).

10. Roschin A.V., Doctor of Science. (ERG R&D Center, Republic of Kazakhstan).

11. Rubanik V.V., Academician of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus (ITA NAS, Belarus).

12. Tang G. Professor (Tsinghua University, China).

13. Chen X.Z. Professor (Wenzhou University, China).

Organizing Committee

Chairman - Protopopov E.V., Dr.Sc., Professor (SibSIU, Novokuznetsk)


Temlyantsev M.V., Dr.S., Professor (SibSIU, Novokuznetsk)

Galevsky G.V., Dr.Sc., Professor, (SibSIU, Novokuznetsk)

Secretary - Feiler S.V., Ph.D., Associate professor (SibSIU, Novokuznetsk)

Members of Organizing committee:

1.    Bigeev V.A., Professor (Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Magnitogorsk)

2.    Dovzhenko N.N., Professor (SFU, Krasnoyarsk)

3.    Krushenko G.G., Professor (ICM SB RAS, Krasnoyarsk)

4.    Kryukovsky V.A., Professor (RUSAL UC, Moscow)

5.    Mikhailov G.G., Professor (SUSU, Chelyabinsk)

6.    Ageev Yu.A., Ph.D. (NIIMet, Chelyabinsk)

7.    Nemchinov N.V., Professor (ISTU, Irkutsk)

8.    Maksimov A.A., Dr.Sc. (UMMC, Novokuznetsk)

9.    Spirin N.A., Professor (UFU, Ekaterinburg)

10.    Cherepanov A.N., Professor (ITAM SB RAS, Novosibirsk)

Conference topics

•​ Theory and simulation of metallurgical processes.

•​ Ferrous, non-ferrous and rare metals.

•​ Technologies of plastic processing of metallic materials.

•​ Advanced foundry technologies and equipment.

•​ Technology of processing and production of powder, composite materials and coatings.

•​ Metallurgy and of welding technology.

•​ Nanotechnology and nanomaterials in metallurgy.

•​ Metal science and heat treatment of metals and alloys.

•​ Metallurgical heat engineering, power engineering and energy saving.

•​ Automation of metallurgical processes.

•​ Environment control and waste management in metallurgy.


- Theory, modeling, technology and automation of metallurgical processes.

- Metallic materials processing technologies: foundry, metal forming, heat treatment.

- Welding technologies, powder and composite materials and coatings production.

- Metallurgical heat engineering, power engineering and energy saving. Environment control and waste management in metallurgy.

Contact Information

Applications for participation in the Conference and reports are to be sent to Organizing Committee by November 1, 2015 as text and in electronic version with subject line “Metallurgy-2015” to the following address (e-mail: onti@sibsiu.ru): 654007, Novokuznetsk, 42 Kirova Str., Siberian State Industrial University, Office of scientific and technical information and intellectual property, to Shiryaeva Lyudmila Sergeyevna. Tel.: +7(3843) 46-26-29, fax: +7(3843) 46-57-92

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