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школа.jpg    International Geology Field School – IGFS‘16

On August, 15 – August, 28 2016 Chair of Geology and Geodesy of Siberian State Industrial University, Novokuznetsk, will hold the International Geology Field School – IGFS’16. The IGFS’16 will include lectures, geo-paleontological excursions, field works that will be carried out at various sites of the Kuznetsk Basin, classes of the Russian Language and Culture and cultural program as well.

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The overall objective of IGFS’16 is to provide the students majoring in geology and stratigraphy with an opportunity to explore the Kuznetsk Basin (Kuzbass) and search for remains of reptiles in the upper part of the section of the Permian System. They will also get field work experience investigating the continental coal sediments of the key region of the ancient Siberian continent (Angarida). Paleontological description of these sediments is of immense importance as it characterizes the ancient continent situated in the temperate and northern latitudes in contrast with other Earth’s continents which were concentrated at the Equator.

Novokuznetsk itself is situated in the center of the Kuznetsk Basin – one of the largest coal fields in the world, and is an entrance point to exploration of the Angaridian development history in the late Paleozoic (the Carboniferous, the Permian). The most part of the industrial coal beds are in the sediments of the Permian System which are well-investigated and have extensive and uncovered sections on the river Tom’s banks. These sections can easily be accessed and studied without use of special equipment. In the rocks plant fossils (tree trunks, imprints of shoots, leaves and spores) can be found. Single findings of fish and insects are known.

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The staff of the Chair of Geology and Geodesy of SibSIU consists of experienced researchers in paleontology, stratigraphy and paleobotany who specialize in the Kuznetsk Basin sediments. Not so long time ago the research team came across an article in the archives which described the finding of the tooth fragment and several bones of the Permian tetrapod related to Inostrancevia in these sediments near settlement Sheveli (about 300 km from Novokuznetsk). This fact was of special scientific interest and deserved thorough investigations. Thus, our main attention has been recently focused on studying of appearance of early tetrapods on Angarida. In 2010-2011 we discovered and examined the burial of the Late Devonian (Famennian) fleshy-finned fishes and lungfishes on the bank of the river Uryup. The remains of early tetrpods were also found and scanned at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)situated in Grenoble (France) and at the present moment they are being investigated by the scientists of Uppsala University (Sweden).

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The IGFS’16 duration will be 14 days and will include: 6 class hours of lectures devoted to palaeontology of the Kuznetsk Basin; 29 hours of field works; geo-paleontological excursions to the sites of the Kuznetsk Basin; 8 class hours of the Russian Language and Culture (language level upon the request). Language of tuition will be Russian and English (lecture translation will be provided). The field works will take place in the sections of the Permian System in Tarbagan and Sheveli. The preliminary analysis of the findings will also be performed

Topics of the lectures:

1. The history of the formation of the Kuznetsk Basin.

2. Paleontology of the Permian sediments in Kuzbass

3. Mineral raw material base of Kuzbass

Lecturer and Head of the School – Dr. Prof. Yaroslav Gutak


Accommodation will be provided by SibSIU Residence Halls located on the university campus – 6 days, by SibSIU recreation camp “Tarbagan” (40 km from Novokuznetsk) – 5 days. And 3 days will be tent camping.

Fees and expenses:

Participation in IGFS’16 will cost 850 Euro. The fee covers visa support, tuition, teaching, materials, cultural program and entrance fees to museums, transportation to the places of field works, excursions, accommodation (14 days). The fee will be paid in cash in roubles to the University cash office upon the participants’ arrival. Meals during the stay in the city except the greeting and farewell dinners (in total 6 days) will be paid by the students (about 150-200 Euro).


To apply for IGFS’16 you need to send your CV with Motivation letter and a copy of your international passport for visa support letter via e-mail intersibsiu@mail.ru before May 1, 2016. Those students who apply for DAAD scholarship please for more information visit DAAD website https://goeast.daad.de/de/.         

Contact person:

Anna Khrenova

Head of International Programs and Projects Subdepartment

Siberian State Industrial University

654007 Russia

Novokuznetsk, 42 Kirova Street

E-mail: intersibsiu@mail.ru

Tel. +7 (3843) 78 43 97

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